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    Most credit and debit cards have RFID technology embedded in them. RFID chips are a way to store and read data, you can simply wave your card in front of a scanner. RFID Magic Wallets are equipped with an integrated RFID shield to avoid loss of information against your will.

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    Soft cow leather Magic Wallets by Hunterson. Traditionally made with strengthened elastics that beautifully match the color of the wallet. All Magic Wallets are available with RFID shield to protect your credit cards from unwanted scanning.

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    We are extremely proud to present our new collection of premium Magic Wallets. Made by Garzini and equipped with the unique Versaflex system you can be sure you’ll stand out. All the wallets are handcrafted, made by the finest genuine cow leathers and available in different finishes.

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    What if there was a totally different wallet out there? A wallet that reflects your personality and impresses your friends at the same time? Get ready to be amazed by the Magic Wallet

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