Custom Prints

Due to popular demand we've setup a service to order your custom designed magic wallet. It's perfect to differentiate yourself as a reseller or just use it as an effective branding solution to impress your customers and improve the networking possibilities in an original way. Or what about a special occasion, to hand out a memorable gift? The possibilities are endless.

  • Sharpness and detail with 300 dpi quality offset printing
  • The mat protective layer gives that soft touch feel while it makes it waterproof and scratch resistant
  • Custom border colors to make your image pop out even more
  • Different images can be printed on both sides
  • Logo imprint inside possible

Send us over your pictures/images or we can create your image in accordance with your feedback. For custom prints we have a minimum order of 50 pieces.

Contact us at for more information.

*Preferable 1600x1280 pixels or higher. Lower resolution pictures could pixelate badly. We are not responsible for badly pixelated end results due to low resolution pictures.

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