Flip Wallet

Flip wallet, or magic flip wallet, is a different name for the  Magic Wallet. In a way it makes sense for people to call it a flip wallet: the flip movement stores your notes away for you. However you want to call it, you came to the right address. Magic Wallet Shop has the biggest range of flip wallets, handmade, in stock and ready to ship!

How does a Flip Wallet work

You put your notes, business cards or any other papers on one side of the  Flip Wallet and close it. You just flip the wallet over, open it and the strap system automatically stores the contents for you. The secure straps make sure your notes never fall out. To remove your notes simply slide them out. Watch the videos below to see them in action!

Magic Wallet Shop offers the biggest range of flip wallets: the slim magic wallet, classic magic wallet, magic coin wallet, RFID magic wallet and even magic iphone wallet. All available in different colors, materials and sizes!


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